The chronicles take place in the lands that are the fractured remains of the Serienian Empire.

In the ancient past, the Truscarii people, led by General Marcus Lupus, swept over the Onyx mountains from the great eastern steppes and conquered the entirety of the lands that lay between the northern mountains and the southern sea, creating the Serienian Empire - named for their goddess Seriena.

This empire flourished for five glorious centuries before fracturing into a collection of kingdoms, principalities, dukedoms, confederations, and city-states. While the temporal power was now dispersed, the religious authority of Mother Church remained undimmed. The sway of Seriena and her priestesses remain unchallenged throughout the lands.


Within the lands of the Serienian Empire years are counted from the founding of the empire. While most people simply give the year number, historians will refer to years as SE (Serienian Empire) or PE (Pre-Empire).

Year 1 is when the troops of Marcus Lupus first crossed the mountains to begin their conquest in the name of Seriena.

Marcus Lupus was crowned as the first Emperor in the year 22.


Mother Church is devoted to the worship of Seriena - believed to be the one true goddess who rules the world. While it is possible for a man to be devout and even gain some fame for holiness, the church's non-military leadership roles are filled by women. The almost exclusively male knight protectors of the church take their orders from either a priestess or an inquisitix.

  • Angelis - The head of the church, chosen by Seriena.
  • Miraculata - A holy woman capable of performing miracles. Usually - but not always - trained as a priestess, but now existing outside of any holy hierarchy.

Priestess Ranks

  • Arch-Pontifine
  • Pontifine
  • Abbess
  • Priestess
  • Postulant
  • Acolyte

Inquisition Ranks

  • Grand High Inquisitrix
  • High Inquisitrix
  • Inquisitrix (coloquially called Black Hoods)
  • Inquisitrix Postulant
  • Inquisitrix Acolyte

Knights of the Church

  • Protector General
  • Lord Protector
  • Knight Protector (aka Knight in casual conversation)
  • Squire Protector (aka Squire)
  • Page Protector (aka Page)