Think of her as the cool step- step- stepmother who might have been.

Old is just a state of mind once you discount all the bits where the body has a say in the matter.

Elissa Brookshire
Don't mess with the librarian.

Jane Carver
They say that power corrupts. What they don't bring up so much is that corruption and power create a feedback loop that too often only ends in an explosive overload of both.

Jane Deningham
When you're the baby of the family, you're something special.

Jordan Denningham
Being a big brother is a big responsibility.

Meet Keely. She's not witch or a demon. Seriously. She's pretty sure about that.

Lady A
Have you ever heard of Borgia, Machiavelli, Moriarty? Amateurs. After all, the real master of intrigue is the one whose name and face you don't know.

Minda Haywood
Knows how to hold a hunting rifle even better than she knows how to hold a grudge.

Nolan doesn't take the whole "warrior" thing any more seriously than he has to.

Riordan Everleigh
A tall, broad-shouldered, and dashing knight of the Inquisition, Sir Riordan is the walking embodiment of "anger management issues".

Sabina Marini
At first glance Sabina might seem vain, spoiled, and vacuous but beneath it all she's actually vain, determined, and scheming.

Sister Shoshona is the sort of true believer whose primary belief is that she numbers among the most worthy.

Tobias Beaufleure
The word "impetuous" is in the job description of every Prince Charming ever.

A responsible and somewhat cynical veteran who understands that warfare is a fool's business.

Venah Montacute
Don't turn your back on her just because she's bookish.

Violet Haywood
The countess of Haywoodshire always winds up as the designated adult in any room she happens to grace.

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