Old fairy tales never die. They're like vampires that way.

Welcome to the world of the Dark Goddess Chronicles.

Dark Goddess Chronicles stories are fairy-tale themed—which is to say they’re inspired by old fairy tales in the same way an episode of a police procedural claims to be “ripped from the headlines”. You’ll probably recognize a lot of the elements, but they’ve been patched together into entirely new stories.

The stories contain interrelated characters and can be read in creation, publication, or in-world chronological order.

On some pages you will see links to "Scabard" which is a wiki designed for role-playing games. We use this site as a planning tool, and have made a reader-friendly area (aka Campaign) where readers can enjoy its interactive nature. You do not have to have a Scabard account to view this campaign. We do not have any formal arrangement with Scabard.


We add new information (people, places, promotional graphics, etc) to this site as each Chronicle is published.

We attempt to not spoil the ending of any individual story with what is presented here so that readers can explore regardless of which chronicle(s) they have completed.

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